Few days back we have launched a platform where community people can join as volunteer to Learn Construction Management. This initiative went successful and we have found many enthusiastic volunteers like MAV Mothilal, MAV Akshay, MAV Sanjay who are actively participating in bridging academics with industry. We sometimes discuss innovative solution and realized the need of various WhatsApp Group where construction related Question, Thoughts, Videos, Images and more can be shared for knowledge exchange.

You can join the whatsapp group and share construction related information.

Following are de facto policy of group:
1. Members should post only construction relation articles and news
2. No Personal Comments shall be encourage and may lead to forced removal from group
3. Admin Rights are distributed among Volunteers who shall be responsible for keeping eyes on activites
4. Don’t share any material which is related Sex, Politics and Personal.
5. Most Important No Good Morning, Good Evening, Festive like messages.
6. All the Best with Learning in new Environment

Link for Joining WhatsApp Learning Group