first step of Learn Construction Management

First of All, Welcome to growing Construction Community!!!

About You

This is the very first post on Learn Construction Management. If you are reading it as the first post of the community then you are a Commander. A Commander to whom I really look forward and this community is counting on you!

About Me

I am an Entrepreneur of Core Construction Industry, another rarest of rare. I have worked with few of you in different countries and I feel thankful for all those opportunities. The expertise of construction, I have learned from you, is helping me in delivering various projects for our clients. Furthermore, it is an advantage for me in building these tutorials.


No One is 100% Perfect so same is My Case. On one hand, I feel strong in Construction Expertise while on another hand, I am facing lot more challenges in terms of Content Creation, Speech Quality, Funding, and Digital Expertise.

Way Forward

I feel the answers to these problems lies in our planning attitude i.e. Rolling Wave Planning. I believe we have a wonderful intent of developing a better world of Construction. Our intent and expertise are especially relevant to overcome the shortcomings in other areas. Probably, we will find amazing people in our journey who will take care of rest, by the time we will improve ourselves in few of the areas.

The Future

Finally, We are going to work together more beautifully to build good talent in Construction Industry. This first post on cool designed blog is a very first step in the Direction. I hope you appreciate our efforts on Digital World. Let’s Aim for the Best and Achieve it!!!